Our Story

The B.COMFY story is founded on the principles of philanthropy and the love of giving back. Ani Simonian, our CEO, has been a committed philanthropist for over two decades, and during one of her trips to Armenia, she discovered a product that not only provides practicality and comfort in our daily lives, but also supports smaller countries by enhancing and expanding their workforces. Ani's passion for empowering women and preserving family values led her to recognize the potential of making a difference in Armenia through women and families, which inspired the birth of B.COMFY. By wearing our products, you're not only empowering families to continue thriving and believing in themselves, but you're also providing them with the opportunity to achieve sustainable livelihoods. This makes it a win-win situation for you because not only are our products comfortable to wear, but you're also playing a part in the same mission and giving back to humanitarian causes. Let's all radiate positivity and contribute to making our world a better place.

When we started B Comfy, we promised to provide premium quality products that bring more comfort to your everyday life. We are committed to continue doing so by providing wide range of home products that have:

High-Quality Materials

All our products are made of high quality, gentle 100% Egyptian cotton. They are easy to care for and made to last

Attention to Details

We designed our products thoughtfully with you in mind. Our pieces are practical and have unbeatable finishing details

Egyptian Cotton?

Why Egyptian Cotton?

Egyptian Cotton history goes back to the year of 1819 and is without a doubt one of the finest, most luxurious materials in the world. Synonymous with comfort, opulence and sophistication, its softness can only be matched by pure silk. That’s why Egyptian Cotton is the perfect indulgence for snuggling up, getting comfy and letting your cares fall away. Exceedingly durable, this cotton only gets softer the more times you wash it, making it a worthwhile and long-lasting purchase.


Giving Back

We believe in goodness and we want to give back to the people we love. That’s why with every purchase, 10% of the proceeds go back to projects in Armenia and, in the coming years, to more countries deprived from the standard basic lifestyles.